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Our Story

We want people to love going to work

Sadly, this is a distant reality for most. In fact, studies at Harvard Business School reveals that only 24% of people are actively engaged in their jobs.  And since on average, workers in North America spend 47 hours per week on the job, this means that roughly 75% of our population spends a third of their time doing stuff that they really don’t like. 

That really bothers us.

When people don’t enjoy the work they do — either because they don’t feel valued, lack a sense of purpose, aren’t challenged, or have a grudge with their co-workers  — everything suffers.  Not just the employee, but by extension our communities.  Not to mention their employers — Gallop estimates that for every $10,000 an employee earns in salary, upwards of $3,400 is lost to disengagement. Uninspired corporate cultures are very expensive.  

At Six and a Half Consulting, we are on a mission to change all of that.



If I were pressed, I would say that 6 ½ Consulting was founded in 1985.  That was the year I turned 5 and the same year a woman from El Salvador moved into my parent’s suburban Southern Californian home, hired to be my family’s housekeeper.  For me, though, Ana María Velasquez was never a housekeeper.  She was my abuela (grandma), the family member who made pupupas for dinner, and the person whom I would watch Mexican soap operas with after school.  Pretty odd for an upper-middle class caucasian kid from LA.

For the next 20 years or so, Ana María lived and worked in my home.  And in the process she helped shape the person I have become by simply being the person who she was — a woman from a small Central American country with a history, language, culture, customs, and outlooks that were very different from my own. 

Perhaps unknowingly, Ana María taught me the biggest lesson of my life: that we all have a story worth knowing — and if we learned to hear each other a little more, our world would be a much better place.

Over the years, I’ve taken Ana María’s message with me and try to hear others as much as I can.  Once, I decided to ride my bicycle across the United States, alone, and interviewed hundreds of strangers about how they found meaning in the lives so that I could apply their stories to my own life.  My book, Six and a Half: a story about roads, rashes, and redemption chronicles that 72 day sojourn.  It also reveals a what the six and a half characteristics are to leading a meaningful life.

Another time, I led a group of US veterans on a 90 day cross-country bicycle journey that started on the shores of the Pacific in Washington State and ended some 3500 miles later in Washington D.C.  The purpose of the ride was simple: first, to let the road heal the veteran’s physical and emotional wounds from war. And second, to allow the veteran riders to deeply connect with the hundreds of other who came out and supported them along the way.


Creating organizations that inspire

Seeing the intrinsic value in others is the core motivator in my life, and not coincidentally, what drives Six and a Half Consulting. Here, we believe that the more people respect, appreciate, and honour each other, the stronger we all become.  

The problem is — especially at work — most organizations don’t work hard to do this.  Instead, most companies create cultures that breed distrust, encourage a lack of transparency, and favour isolationism.    And guess what happens when organizations have this type of culture? Usually not very much.

6 ½ Consulting is changing this. 

We teach organizations how to create the cultures where people naturally come inspired to work. Cultures where employees want to work hard for the organization they believe in and collaborate with their colleagues towards shared common goals. At the core of our work are leadership coaching and employee trainings centred on creating teams where employees find purpose in their contributions, held accountable for their actions, and celebrated for their individual successes.

We believe that going to work should be something that excites everyone.  Turns out, its not really that hard to do.

We can show you how.

Casey Miller founding of Six and a Half Consulting
Casey Miller riding bicycle
casey miller long road home project - coast to coast