Six and a Half Consulting | About Us
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About Us


Casey A. Miller

Casey A. Miller, President of Six and a Half Consulting has 15+ years of business experience including roles of President, VP Business Development, and VP Strategy. And he is on a mission: to create thriving workplaces, relationships, and communities where people value one another. In his business life, this means helping organizations create teams that thrive on healthy conflict, emotionally intelligent leadership, and shared purpose.

An expert in strategy and leadership development, Casey is charismatic and energetic, lending his clients perspectives on execution, team building, and ultimately, how to create workplaces where employees are intrinsically motivated to come to work. Hoping to help others lead more purposeful lives, Casey is also the author of Six and a Half: a story about roads, rashes, and redemption, a book written about his experiences on a bike, alone, riding across the United States.

Casey holds a Master’s degree in Administration and another in Theological Studies from Harvard University.


PJ Wiese

Marketing strategy, personal branding, video direction, intergenerational leadership, and executive coaching. That’s where Patti Jo loves to play. These make her an unconventional, modern and effective business consultant.

As a CTI trained Executive Coach, PJ work with senior leaders to craft innovative, cause driven marketing campaigns as a part of their personal branding process. And as a member of the THNK community, she is deeply passionate about innovation, change management with a view to tackling the world’s greatest problems from a business perspective.

Previously, PJ marketed film technology and educational initiatives for international independent filmmakers, conceptualized and presented at global film markets and festivals. She guided an executive team in the financing of Vancouver based web start-up, and worked as a business coach/facilitator for youth entrepreneurs.