Leadership, Culture and Coaching | 12 ways to deal with change
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12 ways to deal with change

changes -- 12 tips

12 ways to deal with change

  1. Remember that change is everywhere. There is no way to escape it.  Change is literally woven into the fabric of existence.  Indeed, it is one of life’s greatest forces.  But remember, change is not inherently a bad thing.  It simply means different. 
  2. Be an active player, not a passive recipient. Don’t let change happen to you.  Be a proactive participant in change. 
  3. Think evolution, not revolution. Change does not happen out of malevolence (usually).  Indeed, as noted in point number one, change is everywhere, and it the agent of possibilities.  
  4. Remember to also focus on what is not changing.  Just because some things are changing doesn’t mean everything is.   Recounting what is the same in the face of uncertainty can go a long ways. 
  5. Ask lots of questions!  The more questions you ask, the more answers you will get…which is a helpful tool in deal with the uncertain. 
  6. Keep doing your work. A wise man I know often says, “heads down and pencils up.”  When it comes to change at work, more often than not the change will not affect you.  Carry on. 
  7. Use change as an opportunity for growth.  Lobsters shed they shells when they have grown too big.  That means that they grow — and it is at times uncomfortable for them.  Be like a lobster.  Let change propel you growth.  
  8. Manage your stress. Change can be difficult.  But if you have routine stress managing tools — like going to the gym or going to coffee with a friend — the stresses of change can be manageable. 
  9. Be prepared to be tired. There is no denying that change can be taxing.  Be prepared to be tired, and don’t let it catch you by surprise. 
  10. Be a better human. Change can bring out the worst in others.  Know this, and respond in kindness and love when it happens. 
  11. Ask for help when needed.  Enough said. 
  12. Remember that you’ve done this before. Change is a part of life.  You’ve been here before.  Knowing that you’ve managed changed before and will do it again is a great way to remain level headed.

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Casey Miller

Casey A. Miller, President of 6 ½ Consulting, is on a mission: to help create environments where people value one another. In his consultancy, this means teaching business owners and executives how to build workplaces that inspire. In return, their organizations see positive returns on their time, teams, and profits.

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