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Actions vs Activites

actions versus activities - being productive

Actions vs Activites

Everyone day we at 6 ½ Consulting when we are sitting down with our clients, they talk to us a lot about their issues with time management.

They say listen I’ve got so much to do during my day and yet I don’t see never get things accomplished.

This is very common and we hear it a lot.

And it made me think, well really what is some of the differences between activities and actions, and I think having this distinction is going to do some people a lot of good.

No activities are not the same as actions. We confuse the two.

Actions are taking specific steps towards accomplishing a goal whereas activities don’t have anything to do with producing the goal. They are movements.

So let’s say for example you are an aspiring writer and you want to write a book and today you’ve got a chapter that you’d like to write. Well, doing research about the chapter, maybe going to a panel or or group discussion or going to a workshop, for example, those are activities they’re not actually producing your end result.

Whereas sitting down, and making yourself write a sentence, or write a chapter or work on your website so that you can publish your book there, for example, those would be activities.

So next time when you’re looking at your limited number of hours in the day and what you actually want to accomplish, ask yourself what are the things that I need to do that actually will take me a step closer to my goal? Those things are actions.

What the things that are ancillary or peripheral to that are activities.

What I think you’ll find is that the more that you’re diligent about thinking about what’s the difference between the two, the more time you’ll have to ultimately accomplish your goals next time.


Casey Miller

Casey A. Miller, President of 6 ½ Consulting, is on a mission: to help create environments where people value one another. In his consultancy, this means teaching business owners and executives how to build workplaces that inspire. In return, their organizations see positive returns on their time, teams, and profits.

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