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Leadership Trainings

Professional Leadership Training

At 6 ½ Consulting we work with company owners and senior executives to build the necessary skills to maximize their time, teams, and profits.  We do this by training them with the leadership skills required to build organizations where employees intrinsically come motivated to work. 

How does leadership training work?

Leadership development is designed to facilitate business leaders skills in achieving their goals.  Based on the Socratic Method of teaching, we help you determine your goals, and together with you, help you chart your best course of action.  Along the way, we provide you with the tools and skills to help craft your management and leadership decisions.  

Since we believe that an inspired workplace is the basis for a thriving organization, we work with leaders to achieve any number of the objectives: from  improving quality control to improving customer retention, improving communications to better delegating — ultimately all centred on maximizing your time, teams, and profits. 

Our philosophy

Seeing the intrinsic value in others is what drives 6 ½ Consulting. We believe that the more people respect, appreciate, and honour each other, the stronger we all become.

The problem is — especially at work — most organizations don’t work hard to do this.  Instead, most companies create cultures that breed distrust, encourage a lack of transparency, and favour isolationism. And guess what happens when organizations have this type of culture? Usually not very much.

6 ½ Consulting is changing this.

We teach organizations how to create the cultures where people naturally come inspired to work. Cultures where employees want to work hard for the organization they believe in and collaborate with their colleagues towards shared common goals. At the core of our work is leadership development centred on creating teams where employees find purpose in their contributions, held accountable for their actions, and celebrated for their individual successes.

We believe that going to work should be something that excites everyone.  Turns out, it’s not really that hard to do.

We can show you how.

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