With COVID-19, we're asking ourselves: What really matters? What does to you? - Leadership Development, Culture Consulting, and Executive Coaching in Vancouver
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With COVID-19, we’re asking ourselves: What really matters? What does to you?

With COVID-19, we’re asking ourselves: What really matters? What does to you?

What revisiting our values taught us about leadership

Whether you’re running a business, a team, a family, or your life, you’ve got to admit—2020 threw us all for a loop. Reflecting on what COVID-19’s taught us in the dark days of the winter, I can identify some silver linings that came from reflecting on our values.

6 1/2 Consulting’s core values were tested, through and through. Our values are meaningful relationships, impact, and fun with a dash of irreverence.

Pre-pandemic, we were privileged to share rich and personal alliances with executives. When COVID hit, we collaborated with leaders as they helped their people adjust and reinvented their organizations. Never for a moment do I take having that kind of trust and influence for granted as culture consultants and executive coaches

We’re lucky to live in a city like Vancouver. Reflecting on the leadership modelled by our provincial and federal governments, there was a sage, calm, reverent, and empathetic form of decision-making. I saw leadership in how the community responded to COVID. I’m grateful that people were willing to do unconventional things because we were all doing it together. There’s relief when a community rallies in times of crisis.

It’s a privilege to exercise your values and have others be on board with it.

For us, responding to COVID-19 looked like creating over 100 videos (which are coming soon) and erecting a giant circus tent where we could run our leadership workshops safely.

We know that because we’re White and educated, we could access outdoor space and share it with great companies. Our clients followed our pivot—or pirouette, more like it. Again, another ode to trust and the power of trust-based leadership.

We’re grateful to have the privilege and the leeway to practice our value of irreverence, which shows up as creativity in our business. This value confuses most people. When we conceived our outdoor tent, we thought to ourselves: “We’re not qualified, but fuck it, let’s go for it anyway!” These times call us to learn and practice our values as we stumble toward sharing our platform as healthy allies.

Your values become a real north star during times of crisis. We ALL had to reroute and adjust. In those adjustments, we make or break relationships with other people, but we also make or break our identities as leaders and employees. It’s actually okay that’s the case. The lessons that the COVID tragedy teaches us is that we’re resilient when we’re aligned in communities with open hearts.

When we can gather outdoors again, we’ll be glad to open up our circus tent to you…for now, if you just want to chat about how to pivot your organization during this time of crisis, we’re here for you.

Happy holidays!


Patti Jo Wiese
Patti Jo Wiese

PJ is a co-partner of Six and a Half Consulting. She’s all about connecting unlikely parties for impact. In the summer she gardens and sails. The rest of the year she schemes for good. Heck, she does that in the summer too!

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