Run Away and Join the 6 1/2 Circus: A Unique Venue for Leadership Workshops and Team Training - Leadership Development, Culture Consulting, and Executive Coaching in Vancouver
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Run Away and Join the 6 1/2 Circus: A Unique Venue for Leadership Workshops and Team Training

Run Away and Join the 6 1/2 Circus: A Unique Venue for Leadership Workshops and Team Training

NOTE: We wrote this in October with great excitement. Like everyone else, we’re in a public health order pause. Please consider this as you make plans through the coming months! We’re here for you as soon as we can gather with your team again, OUTSIDE!

In the early summer of 2020, Casey and I had a long talk about what we’d do to respond to the effects of COVID-19 and adjust how we offer our leadership workshops and trainings. Should we move everything to video and use Zoom? As we watched business leaders shift, what would be our shift?

We started hosting our leadership workshops outdoors, and realized this powerful connection we had to nature. It completely changed our typical experience, because all the participants had to connect…in a natural space.

Our path guided us to take our workshops and executive coaching outdoors.

In anticipation of a second wave of COVID-19—keeping us apart as the days grew longer and colder—we made a bold move and focused on what matters most: human interaction, connection, and social-emotional time together. 

We went through all the things we could do and landed on being able to do our work outside. If keeping safe means wearing a mask, better ventilation, and the ability to keep apart, we thought: if we can’t meet inside, but we can distance in a park, why not a horse pasture?

COVID has turned business into a circus, and we walked the tightrope to erect a big tent that allows teams to be outside, but warm, under the big top.

We put our tent in a secret magical location in Vancouver, in a pasture along the Fraser River. Our big tent:

  • Is nearly 2,000 square feet
  • Hosts COVID-conscious team building events for up to 20 people
  • Is powered with lights and video projection
  • Has Adirondack chairs and plush blankets
  • Contains outdoor carpets and moving walls. In fact, if a storm hits, we take the walls off.

What the 6 1/2 tent can do for your work culture and leadership development

We’re hoping to bring magic and whimsy during a tough time. What would you do with our tent?

We’ve already hosted CEO forums. Leaders know the importance of face-to-face meetings for high social-emotional impact. High-tech teams have also accessed our space as a unique venue.

As leadership development professionals, we’re driven to make the connections, both professionally and emotionally, that keep people in their companies strong. In times of crisis, getting more casual can be the answer. People enjoy their work when they have fun, and we want to help your company bring hope to your employees in a visually stimulating space.

As your team keeps themselves at arm’s length—or virtual—how can you keep their hearts’ connection? 

Sometimes the answer lies outside, not inside. (The tent also keeps people DRY!) 

We’d love for you to come and work in leadership development with us, but we’re open to discussing however you want to use the space with your teams during COVID.


Patti Jo Wiese
Patti Jo Wiese

PJ is a co-partner of Six and a Half Consulting. She’s all about connecting unlikely parties for impact. In the summer she gardens and sails. The rest of the year she schemes for good. Heck, she does that in the summer too!

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