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Our Books on Leadership

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What are the ingredients for living a meaningful life?  This is just the question Casey A. Miller sought to understand when, in 2011, he found himself heartbroken, jobless, and without a place to live.

To answer the question, Casey casually started asking friends, then acquaintances, then total strangers how they found meaning in their own lives. Then, a radical idea occurred to him — one that has changed his life forever. He would ride his bike across the United States and ask everyday citizens about the secrets to life. Then, he would apply what he learned to his own life.

There were only two problems with the plan: first Casey didn’t own a bike and second, he hadn’t ridden one in 15 years. This book is about his life changing ride. It is about how everyday occurrences became miracles and how the simplest, most common of activities turned into profoundly deep and enlightening life lessons. And since the point of his quest was to understand just what a meaningful life looks like, this book is also about the six and a half characteristics that all meaningful lives share in common.