Corporate Culture Trainings in Vancouver | Six and a Half Consulting
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Culture and Leadership Training

the stuff that inspiration is made from

Creating an environment where people naturally come inspired to work doesn’t ever happen by chance.  Just like most spectacular things, they come with care and diligence.

The good news is that creating inspired workplaces is not that hard to do.  All you need is a shared sense of purpose, environments that support autonomy, and value based recognition programs that cultivate strong relationships.

At 6 ½ Consulting we provide systematic trainings to instil these fundamental pieces, depending on your organization’s particular needs and resources.

Culture Trainings 

The success of any business is built on how well their team performs.  Ultimately, creating an organization that inspires is the basis of a strong corporate culture.

High Performance Teams can be characterized as those that are united by a common purpose and driven by shared values.  They are responsible as individual contributors while also accountable for the collective success. Our course teaches these skills so that your organizational challenges in time, teams, and profits can soon be eliminated.

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Leadership Trainings 

Our leadership development trainings are designed to help facilitate your desire to help reach your organizational objective.  Meeting on a regular basis, we work with clients to identify particular pain points within their organization and craft actionable plans to achieve their goals.

This process is collaborative, yet incredibly powerful. Rather than us coming up with the solution for you, we work with you to so that your solution stems from within.  And since the solutions are yours, they stick.

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