Six and a Half Consulting | Helping organizations thrive by creating workplaces that inspire
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As companies grow, new set of skills and abilities are needed in order to achieve their goals. Culture, leadership, and management skills become paramount.

Unfortunately, these skills are challenging to come by for most people.  How often are we taught emotional intelligence or empathy or conflict resolution skills in our lives?

At Six and a Half Consulting, we provide culture workshops, leadership development, and management trainings to executives and their teams so that everyone can co-create cultures where people thrive.



We help create intrinsically motivated teams that are inspired to come to work, accountable for their performance and engaged for success.



We provide leadership trainings so that all members of an organization can become agents of positive change, advancing the shared goals of their teams.



Many managers were promoted to their roles without training in “soft skills” to truly manage. Our trainings equip managers with these needed people skills.



Our Executive Coaching helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their leadership impact and enhance the value they bring to their organization and the teams they lead.

culture + leadership = engagement

Companies that work to make their corporate cultures inspired enjoy a return on equity & assets more than triple firms that don’t. 

More Engagement

We provide leadership trainings and culture workshops designed to motivate employees who, in turn, make personal commitments to their organization’s success. 

Better Teams

When employees are inspired to work, they look for ways to make their organizations succeed.  Higher regard for quality, more teamwork, and better communication are just a few of the outcomes.

Greater Impact

We help companies become places that people want to work for.  And when employees are inspired to work, they are more resourceful, accountable, and productive. Their efforts, and yours, go a lot further.